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"Live to Serve"- Amrita-Seattle is a 501(c)3 international non-profit dedicated to serving underprivileged communities in Asia, Africa, and USA

Amrita-Seattle is a grass root USA-based 501(c)(3) NGO that is dedicated to providing basic education, nutrition, healthcare and clean water solutions to underprivileged communities in India with the objective of empowering children from challenged background and helping them achieve their potential. The focus is on reaching out to communities which do not get adequate support and attention through government agencies, larger non-profits or other programs. Amrita-Seattle works through local non-profits who have a proven track-record for working within their community.
Amrita-Seattle supports a plethora of projects such as:
• Computer training for visually challenged students in Kolkata
• Supporting orphans of tiger attack victims in the Sunderbaans Forest to mitigate risk of child labor and human trafficking
• Providing safe arsenic free drinking water in villages along India-Bangladesh border
• Implementing nutritious food programs in rural schools to combat malnutrition
• Conducting environmental awareness and climate change workshops in Himalayan schools
• Global relief: helped in relief effort following the 2015 Nepal earthquake.


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