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Rangamancha 2018

Stand By Her

Donate 1000 Feminine Hygiene Kits across five Remote Indian Villages

Stand by her – not just in life, but in her journey as a woman; equipher with information, support, and access to affordable feminine care products. Help us bring 1000 reusable feminine hygiene kits (Care Kits) toyoung females living across 5 remote villages of India.

The ability to manage one’s menstrual cycles with sufficient knowledge,safety, and dignity, and without social stigma is an essential human right.However, thousands of girls and women in rural India lack access to infrastructure, hygiene products,and information to manage their periods effectively and comfortably.Often simply they layer unsanitary clothing to manage their “dirtydays.” This causes health hazards, days offof school and work, and limits their potential and confidence.

Our Care Kits (made by local women) will provide each girl with eight reusable menstrual pads along with a set of underwear. Local nurses and healthcare providers will leadadvocacy on fertility, biology and hygiene to the girls and women receiving the kits.

Amrita-Seattle’s prior initiative to provide Care Kits in the Ladakh region in March 2018 was enthusiastically embraced. Since then we have had many requests for kits from various parts of India. Your gift today will allow her to reach her full potential.

Stand by her and help her get started!

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Gaan Bhaolobeshey Gaan 2018

Let’s celebrate the spring in Seattle with a musical evening “Gaan Bhaolobeshey Gaan” (Music of the Heart”)

Let’s embrace an evening of romance and nostalgia based on Iconic modern bengali songs from Golden Hits of all times on April 21st at Kirkland Performance Center

It’s an opportunity to indulge ourselves with melodious voices of our favorite singers of Seattle and to support the cause “Save the Children from Malnutrition” – an Amrita-Seattle initiative.

All proceeds from this event will directly serve 200 malnourished children with nutritional food in villages of Sunderbaan and rural West Bengal, India.

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One of the major global issues is hunger and food insecurity.  Amrita-Seattle has been working in the schools located in the remote island villages of Sunderbaans Forests for the past six years. In this region, where man-animal conflict is an almost daily event, many children have lost one parent from tiger attack.

Lack of parental care, resources and infrastructure, leads to parents being unable to supply nutritive well-balanced diet to their children and keep them healthy. As a result, above ninety percent of the children in these villages suffer from malnutrition and worm infestation. 

Amrita-Seattle aims to serve nutritional food to 200 kids of two remote schools in the Sunderbaans Forest during the daily pre-school tutorial session for 200 days. This will be accompanied by providing children supplementary multivitamins, anthelmintic medicine, and “Take Me Home” hygiene kits.  In addition, local teachers and our coordinators will teach classes to children and parents on nutrition, parental care, adolescence and hygiene. 

Support, Donate and Volunteer at our nutrition camp. 

GIVE your gift of a day’s food to a child today.

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Rhythms 2018

4.30 PM – Amrita- Seattle presentation
4.45 PM – “Evolution Bollywood” a dance ensemble by young performers produced by Suhita Banerjee
5.10 PM – “Kathak – from Temples to Royal courts” – presented by Anga Kala Kathak Academy
5.30 PM – “Odissi” presented by Urvasi Dance Academy
6.00 PM – “Bad Romance” – a dance drama produced by Chitralekha Majhi
Snacks and Tea break
7.00 PM – “Immigrants NOT  Welcome” – a dance drama produced by Suma Mondal

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Proceeds from Rhythms 2018 would help Amrita-Seattle project “Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader”
Amrita-Seattle runs after-school tutorials, meal programs and libraries in the remote villages of North, North-East India and Nepal. Poverty runs rampant in these villages for lack of farmland, resources, and earning members. Needless to say that education is the key weapon for these children in order to break out from their daily struggle.
With your help, Amrita-Seattle aims to set-up new libraries to enhance the children’s reading level and inspire them to read and love books.
Amrita-Seattle will be taking its Mobile Library through the mountains in North and North-East India and Nepal to inspire children to fall in love with books, stories and reading. We aim to reach a total of 11 sites over 5 states in India, and 2 in Nepal. At each location, we have identified a rural school which is in need of a library, where Amrita-Seattle volunteers and coordinators will conduct a 4-5 day Reading Workshop. Activities will include: story-telling, story-mapping, creative writing, and role plays. In addition, the libraries will hold weekly meetings for a Reading Club to ignite the young minds to become voracious readers.

Sunderbaans Medical Camp


Library Building in Ladakh