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Rhythms 2017


Online sale of tickets for this event is closed. Tickets will be available at the venue.

Amrita-Seattle is dedicated to providing education, healthcare, and clean water in under privileged communities in rural India. In the upcoming year 2017, Amrita-Seattle aims to accomplish several major milestones under its education and healthcare program, respectively. Rythms 2017 is an effort to accomplish one of the milestones described below.

Medical Camp in the Remote Himalayan Villages – Summer 2017

Amrita-Seattle is organizing its second medical camp in one of the most remote regions of the Himalayas – Zanskar Valley, to provide medical and humanitarian aid to those who live in these isolated mountain villages. Sealed off by over 6000m high mountains, these remote villages remain practically isolated from the rest of the world. Medical aid is at a minimum to non-existent in this region. Our medical camp will be held for 16 days with the help of traditional medicine doctors from Ladakh Nuns Association and allopath medical doctors from India and US. We will be targeting a total of 15 villages, where two thirds of them have no road access, in which cases we will load our supplies on horses and mules, and then trek in/out of the village, like the local people do. Your support will provide incredible service to the nomadic children of Ladakh India.