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Health Care

Nutrition Program

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Amrita-Seattle has initiated its Combat Malnutrition project in Diamond Harbor, West Bengal in collaboration with ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) and Govt. of West Bengal . The rate of child malnutrition is increasing every year in India. We have identified a total of 170 malnourished children under the age of 5 in nine remote villages of Diamond Harbor.

The program was first implemented in 13th February 2013, in the village of Kanupur Dhanbedia where local livelihood depends on simple fishing.  

Above 60% of the children were malnourished. With the help of health-care workers, Amrita-Seattle is distributing nutritional supplements called Nutrimix to the low-income families (which is most of them) to improve the nutrition and health of children who are 0-6 years old.   Every month 9 camps are held for monitoring and distribution of supplements. District official, physician, health workers, our coordinator Dabala Adhikary and Mayadi put tireless effort to attend these camps and make it successful.

The physicians will monitor the health of these children for six months. Awareness on how to incorporate nutritional food in their regular diet will be provided to the parents as well.

The pilot project was covered in local newspaper.  


From Physician’s report we are happy to know that among 170 children, 136 children have gained 800gm on an average. 33 children showed slower growth due to their weak constitution and thus slow digestion of the nutrimix. Our physicians have prescribed a  lower dose of nutrimix in their food intake.

Mobile Clinic

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Our mobile medical camps support basic health care by providing health camps and clinics in under-served areas of West Bengal. Amrita-Seattle has supported 24 mobile medical camps in 3 villages of Murshidabad district in rural Bengal. Mobile Medical Services are rendering Modern Medicine and Homeopathic treatment in villages of Jalangi block and Sargachi in Murshidabad District.

Health Camp

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Health Camps are organized in remote villages of Bengal, Varanasi, and Himalayas.
We organize with the help of local partners eye camps, pediatric camps, dermatology treatment camps, and ayurvedic/Tibetan medicine camps. Our camps are lead by 3-4 physicians and medical staff, and are attended by local villagers which sometimes number in hundreds.
In a lot of places where we do our medical camps, especially in the high himalayas, the villages are not accessible by road. In which case, we load all the medical supplies on horses and mules, and then trek in/out of the village, like the local people do.
Amrita-Seattle has also organized health camps for migrant workers in the Kamalpur brick kiln area of Howrah, West Bengal. Healthcare professional diagnosed and distributed free medicines for Gastrointestinal diseases, flu, skin diseases as well as pain management medication and vitamin supplements. This particular project was organized in partnership with Anneshan.

Awareness Program

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Our health awareness programs support healthcare professionals going to different villages in rural West Bengal to hold variety of awareness programs on family planning, contraceptives, infectious disease, child care, pregnancy and vaccination. Currently, 10 wellness programs are conducted in villages near Sundarbaan Forest and Diamond Harbor.